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The PMEC Buzz

This is a must-attend event for any product manager who’s serious about pulling ahead of the competition.


Join Us At PMEC East 2008!


Think progress management.  Think change.  Think movement. 

Customers don’t stand still.  Markets don’t stand still.  Neither should you or your product.  Managing progress and change is what product management is all about.  Once the product is introduced and on the shelves your work isn’t over.  It’s just begun.  Products are in a constant state of evolution – in structure, in messaging, in delivery, so the ability to manage that progress is vital.

Product managers don’t just manage products they manage a product’s progress in the global economy.

Mastering that process is the focus of this year’s Product Management Educational Conference East 2008 to be held in McLean Virginia, USA from October 13-15. 

Learn strategies to manage the shifts, changes and evolution of your product and your own career.  Talk to savvy product managers who accelerate on the global progress highway.

In each session you will hear real world strategies for implementing the session material when you get back in the office.  We know how hard it can be to take new, fresh ideas back to the team and encounter some resistance.  We’ll help with strategies and tips to ease the transition.

Download the latest brochure: click here

Success Breeds Success

As a successful product manager, you wouldn't be where you are today without making some pretty smart moves ― like the way you handled that particularly tough challenge last month. Pure magic. Too bad you can’t remember exactly how it all came together now; it’d be a perfect approach when the next prickly situation comes over the horizon.

Pull Ahead Of The Competition

This is a must-attend event for any product manager who’s serious about pulling ahead of the competition.



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